Saturday, September 29, 2007


Rachel is officially part of the family now...she now has her very own annual pass for Disneyland/California Adventure! Three and under get in free at the parks, and while Rachel did turn three the end of August, and yes, we've gone twice since her birthday, I'm so used to my routine of entering the parks that I simply forgot I needed to get Rachel an annual pass. But today was the day she got her very own annual pass and boy was she excited and became pretty upset when we asked for it back to put away for safe keeping.
So excited to have gotten a pass, she hugs Mommy very tightly.
Once again, the parks weren't too crowded, which was really nice considering it was Saturday. We were able to get on a lot of favorite rides and even some 'good rides'. Here is a picture of two princesses and a goofball while we waited for the rest of our group to get off a 'good ride'.After spending some time where the 'real' magic is, we made our way over to California Adventure, stopping to take a picture in front of the giant candy corn in the place of the "A" in California. Notice Rachel is waving her pass with a huge smile on her face. We spent the remainder of our day at California Adventure, making a stop into the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, a favorite of Rachel's. While she can't do some of things the older kids can do, she did go on the rope bridge and up and down the slide several times. Here she is crossing the bridge over the creek. Making our way over to Paradise Pier, Rachel walked hand in hand with Keith. Earlier in the day, Rachel was walking side by side with Amy, connected only by the bag of popcorn between them. Which was pretty funny. I missed that picture opportunity, but now Amy knows how to get to Rachel...with popcorn! LOL. We continued to take advantage of minimal wait times and eventually made our way out of the park. Rachel was asleep in her car seat before we even fully got out of the Disney parking area! Another end of a great day of adventures at Disneyland.

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It was a magical day, but more so at California Adventure!:)