Friday, September 07, 2007

Rachel Visits Preschool

Last night was the parent orientation for Rachel's preschool. There was a meeting with the director of the school and then the parents got to go to their child's class and meet the teacher and hear their classroom rules, etc.

Today, we went back to the preschool and took Rachel to meet her teacher and see her classroom. She was so excited!!! She bounced from one thing to another and back and then went outside and then went to find her cousins and check out their classroom and back outside. She was all over that place!

Her cousins, Haylee and McKenzie are attending the same preschool and Rachel is sooo excited to be seeing her cousins two times a week at school. Hannah on the other hand, is jealous and wishes for the good ole days of preschool. LOL.

Rachel, a Bouncing Bunny, McKenzie, a Sunny Sunflower,
Haylee, a Pooh Bear, and Rebecca, a Sunny Sunflower.
The cheering section for these four girls are going to be pretty big come the Halloween and Spring parades, and the big Christmas program.

This kitchen area was set up in a corner of her classroom. I have a feeling she'll be playing with her kitchen a lot more in the weeks to come.
One of the many fun toys in Rachel's classroom.
Rachel taking a picture of Mommy takes LOTS of pictures!
She climbed up the ladder over and over and over again and went down the slide over and over. Check out her hands! LOL. If she was tall enough for the roller coasters at Disneyland, I bet she's go on them...and love them! Gramma was just down the street at a doctors appointment and stopped by to see three of her four girlies and their classrooms. Rachel enjoyed having Gramma push her on the swing, and then pretty much left her in the dust to go play. LOL.
Three things about Rachel and preschool:

1) She's going to have no problem being left. Not that that was a concern of ours, but I was pretty much left in the dust today. As was anyone else who tried to communicate with her.

2) She's going to have SO MUCH FUN!

3) It's going to be interesting to see what changes we see in Rachel after a couple of weeks in preschool. We noticed changes in Hannah after the first week. I'm really looking forward to seeing how preschool influences her speech and how she progresses.

School officially starts on Tuesday. She'll then go on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9 -12pm, giving Mommy a nice little break a couple days a week! :) I can't wait!!! She can't wait!!!

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