Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Follow Up with The ENT

Rachel had a follow up appointment today with her ENT in regards to last week's hearing test. Because she failed the hearing test once again, and she's had two ear infections since we saw him 2 months ago, the doctor wants to go ahead put tubes in her ears. Because there is fluid in her ears, and possibly some hearing loss, we don't want to risk her speech regressing.

We already have a surgery date, Friday, October 5th. It's a simple procedure that takes about 5 minutes, therefore the surgery will be done on an outpatient basis, and as soon as she wakes from the anesthetic, she'll be able to go home and by the afternoon, it'll be a normal day, as though nothing ever took place that morning.

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Kim said...

It's amazing what perspective does for you, huh? If she hadn't had such extensive surgeries already, you probably would have more anxiety over this "simple" surgery. I'll be praying for her and you all!