Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Haircut, A Dip in the Pool, and Birthday Cake

Today was suppose to be party today, and thankfully, Rachel has not mentioned a single word about her Doodlebop party. She knew she was having a Doodlebops party and her cousins were coming over to play, but so far she hasn't asked about it. If she was any older, I don't think we could get away with not doing something special. LOL.

Our morning went as planned, taking both the girls to get haircuts by a friend who does hair out of her home. Rachel sat so well and cooperated. Because our plans had changed for the remainder of the day, Trudi invited us to come back with our swim suits to swim. And because it's been so hot this week and is forecasted to stay that way, we took her up on the offer. Rachel had sooo much fun playing in the pool with Tyler and Owen, two little kids close to her age. She did a good job at keeping her arm floaties on most of the time too. It was a fun and refreshing way to spend the mid day. After our time at the pool, we came home, took baths, washed hair, and lounged around watching movies for the rest of the afternoon, Rachel playing with some of her birthday presents in there as well. After dinner, we sang to Rachel, busted out the Doodlebop cake plates and had cake and ice cream!


Kim said...

Hope Steven is feeling better!

I LOVE that cake plate!

Darcy said...

He's feeling 'pretty good'. Which means, still not 100%.

I got that cake plate at Ross. It was a killer deal and I found four matching little plates to go with it.