Friday, August 31, 2007

The Remainder of the Day

The remainder of Rachel's day consisted of her playing with her new toys, and helping Mommy bake a cake and decorate it for her party tomorrow afternoon. She got birthday phone calls from Gramma and Papa, and birthday mail, and even birthday wishes left here on her blog. For dinner, Rachel chose pizza, so we tried out a Round Table Pizza in the neighboring city. The pizza was good and Rachel enjoyed playing the games, her version of playing the games...we gave her no quarters to actually play, she didn't know the difference. LOL.After dinner, Daddy really went down hill as far as how he felt, he had a fever and body aches and we've cancelled Rachel's party for tomorrow afternoon. The girls and I went to visit Gramma and Papa for the rest of the evening, this way they could see Rachel on her birthday, and give her her presents.

Rachel was supposed to have a Doodlebops party. The Doodlebops are a musical group with a show geared towards preschoolers on The Disney Channel. Rachel was going to greet her guests as Dee Dee Doodle. She wore her costume to show Gramma and Papa. For some reason, she was very careful in opening these packages, she peeled the tape off and handed it to Hannah and plowed right through her gifts. She got an outfit for Nite Nite Bear, a new Fall outfit for church or school, and a bouncy ball that you sit on. Papa blew it up and while her legs are just a little bit too short, she had a lot of fun! It really wasn't that late, but Rachel was tired. She crawled up onto Gramma's couch, covered herself with the sheet, and fell fast asleep, staying that way for the transfer into her carset and out into her bed. She was one tired birthday girlie!

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