Saturday, June 02, 2007

Her Very Own Build-A-Bear

Hannah had a birthday party to attend to this afternoon for a friend at school, where the birthday girl's mom so graciously invited Rachel to participate as well, and boy was she excited!!!

Rachel has a new vanilla teddy bear who she initially named 'Night Night bear', but I think has been renamed 'Tinkerbell' seeing how that's the outfit she picked out for it.

A little worried as to why her bear is so flat, and not stuffed.
Getting her bear dressed as Tinkerbell.
Rachel was so cute this evening. I found some pajama's of hers to put on the bear and Hannah let her borrow her Moses baby basket. Rachel put the basket right on her bed next to her. When time came for us to go to bed, the baby basket was on the floor and Rachel was hugging her new bear.


Kim said...

Love the Tinkerbell outfit!

Diana said...

This is so funny...Katie went to Build-A-Bear for her first time on Saturday, also!! lol She got a brown bear, and chose the Sleeping Beauty dress for her bear, named "Kitty". :-)