Friday, June 01, 2007


As if we haven't walked enough the past two days, we spent the entire day, and evening, at Disneyland. Steven never gets to go to Disneyland on a weekday where it isn't a holiday, so we were hoping he would get to experience some of the weekday slowness, but for some reason, it was busy today. But we had fun nonetheless.

Upon arriving at Disneyland, we went straight to Tom Sawyer's Island, where they recently turned the island into Pirates Lair. We spent over an hour exploring the caves and looking for treasure, we also saw the new show where Captain Jack Sparrow fights another pirate for a treasure map. We were also hoping that despite an official opening date of June 11, that perhaps soft previews were happening with the new Nemo Submarines. While the ride was up and running, the people in line were employess of Disney and ABC getting a preview. So no such luck for us, we'll have to go back on June 11 to experience the ride. Rachel was bummed as Finding Nemo is one of her most favorite movies. Leave it to Rachel to find water to play in. A leaky hose in Toontown.

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