Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sister Sleepover!

Bedtime often finds Rachel not wanting to go to her bed, but to stay with Hannah in her bed once bedtime prayers have been said. But because Hannah has school the next day, Rachel is always sent to her own bed. On occassion we've found her having sneaked back into Hannahs bed.

Because today is Saturday, we let the girls have a sleepover last night. They opted for both sleeping in Hannah's bed rather than making a bed on the floor. When I checked on the girls before we went to bed, and found them sleeping like this... I think there might have been more room on the floor. LOL. Rachel stayed in Hannah's bed until around 3am and then moved her sleepover to our bed. I think Hannah was a little disappointed to wake up this morning and find that Rachel had left their sleepover in the night.

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Kim said...

That's so funny!