Saturday, May 19, 2007

Helping in the Backyard

We've been putting in some long, hardworking hours into our backyard the last week and last few weekends. And Rachel has been there to lend a helping hand where ever she could. She loves being outside. Here, she's doing her part to spread some fill dirt we got. With the warm weather heading our way, it was time to get the sprinklers working, they haven't been hooked up since before our cement work in January. Steven's been working on the sprinklers for a few weekends and some evenings. Once that job was done, there were a lot of holes and uneven places in our yard. So with the help of Steven's Dad (and his truck), we were able to get two truckloads of fill dirt yesterday and filled in all those places. Once all that dirt was in place, this morning we decided to lay sod in a few of the larger places and reseed the smaller spaces. It was A LOT of work! Here are a couple pictures of the progress. The yard is really looking nice.

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Kim said...

Yep, LOTS of hard work, but it looks really good!