Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pictures from our Day

I'm sure many people must think "Does she ever do anything else besides go to Disneyland?", yeah I do, but going to Disneyland is what I like to do most, so why not start off the new month on a good note? :)

We spent some time at the Princess Fantasy Faire where you can greet some of the Princesses, make your own crown, do coloring pages, and royal stuff like that.

Here, Rachel is doing something she loves to do...but is often on crayon restriction due to having colored something other than on paper.
This picture cracks me up. LOL.
Perhaps Princess crowns self adjust according to the Princesses attitude??
Doing another thing she loves to do...
make noise, very loud noise. She had a blast doing it.
Spring time at Disneyland with all the flowers abloom. These tulips were absolutely beautiful today. Made for a great backdrop for a picture.
Rachel wasn't scared off by Captain Jack,
she went right to him, and called him by name. LOL.
Another great day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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