Friday, March 02, 2007

More Adventures with Rachel

You know those episodes of Supernanny, where as Jo Frost has taught the parents the concept of the Naughty Chair, Naughty Spot, or Naughty Corner, and the child is placed in the Naughty zone for whatever reason and escapes from their position and runs, and the cameras show the mom chasing the kid all about and putting him or her back into the Naughty zone, over and over and over again???

Or how about the episodes where the child is placed in bed, tucked in, kisses given, and the child gets out of bed, repeatedly, and the cameras show the mom or dad putting the kid back into their bed over and over again.

Both of those situations describe Rachel. I'm not kidding. One might think how could someone so cute, be so disobedient? Believe me, she is.

Many times Rachel will be placed into the Naughty Corner for one reason or another (hitting her sister, talking back, screaming, have I ever mentioned she's a screamer?), no sooner than when you walk away she's left the corner and is hiding behind the artificial tree in the corner of the room. You go after her only to have her run around the dinning room table. Finally, I'll get ahold of her and back into the corner she goes...only to repeat the same scenario, except this time it's around the coffee table. Eventually she stays in the corner for her allotted time, but it defianately takes a lot of effort.

Last night I put the girls to bed and go to the Family Room to relax and watch some TV, and through the baby monitor, I hear Rachel get up out of her bed, close her door, and start playing with toys. My first reaction was I was too tired to get up and deal with her. But I knew if I let her continue to do this, it'd only become a habit and bedtime wouldn't be taken seriously. So I went to her room, placed her back into bed and turned off the light. For the next thirty minutes I went back into her room repeatedly to put her back into bed. Finally she gave up and I won the battle. LOL. But man, who really wants to fight such a battle like this at the end of the day???

I use to laugh when the kid on Supernanny did such things, I don't laugh anymore. It's not funny. LOL.


Grace said...

I know, it isn't funny, I am not laughing, but the image I have of her running and hinding behind the artificial tree, cracks me up...sorry, not laughing...

Kim said...

Sorry, but I just have to laugh...but ONLY because I've been there (still am in certain areas!). It took over a YEAR of consistently disciplining Abby before she would stay in bed regularly, and still she will get out from time to time. I told Ryan ONE time not to get out of bed and he has never done it since. Hopefully Rachel will learn sooner than Abby. I will be praying for you! I know it's exhausting and frustrating. Hang in there.

Theresa said...

Is it possible that your Rachel is my Ethan in female form? This is exactly the same thing we deal with! It's exhausting but at the same time absolutely hilarious.

Sometimes when I pull him out of the refrigerator for the 15th time and he points his finger at me and says "No! Mommy!" I literally have to stuff my hand in my mouth to keep from laughing. So cute! So disobedient. And I so can't let him get away with it.

Thanks for sharing your stories! It encourages me!

Darcy said...

There are many, many times that when Steven has the "Naughty Corner Duty" that he comes into the kitchen to reset the timer just holding back from breaking into laughter. I personally find it more funny when he's having to deal with it. LOL. When it's me dealing with her, I'm so mad.

I'm glad to know others are dealing with the exact same thing as us. It brings comfort in an odd way. LOL.

Melany aka Supermom said...

These kids! ;) Phone supernanny and tell her that her super advice is just not working for your little girl!