Friday, September 22, 2006

Looking Back, Looking Forward

My Sister-in-Law emailed me this morning. She pointed out this particular post I had written back in November 2004 in reguards to a list of specific areas of prayers for Rachel. As she was reading over the list, she realized that almost every single one of those prayers had been answered.

And as I look over that list, indeed, my prayers have been answered:

* That Rachel's lip would be coming together and that once the plastic surgeon gets going on her lip repair, that he would be able to complete the repair in only one surgery, instead of two.
ANSWERED! The plastic surgeon was able to repair her lip completely in one surgery, January 2005.

* Rachel would respond well to her surgeries, with each surgery her eating wouldn't be difficult or too painful.
ANSWERED! Although her swollen tongue following her palate repair posed as a challenge, she did awesome with her eating for the most part.

* All of Rachel's teeth would be present once she starts teething.
BEING ANSWERED! So far, it looks as though she has all her teeth. She's still working on getting some. But it looks promising.

* Rachel's speech would not affected and she would not require excessive speech therapy in the years to come.
Currently in speech once a week and has been since April.

* Her palate would be coming together now, even before her palate repair (around 12 months of age)
ANSWERED! Rachel's palate came together nicely, and the closer it came to surgery we were amazed at how much smaller the hole had become. There was enough tissue that the surgeon was able to completely close the hole. November 2005.

* Her gum would be coming together now, even before her gum repair (around the age of 6 or 7 years old).
ANSWERED! Both sides of Rachel's cleft gum now touch one another. When she was born there was a gaping hole.

* That Rachel would have minimal ear infections during her infancy and childhood. (Children with clefts are prone to increased ear infections).
ANSWERED!!! Praise the Lord, Rachel has only had one ear infection in her 2 years!! Pretty amazing for a cleft affected baby.

For anyone that prayed for the things on this list, Thank You.


Looking forward, Rachel still will need some surgeries. I've recently read some message boards where some cleft affected children have gone through 20+ surgeries in the span of their journey. The thought of that many surgeries scares me a little bit.

My Sister-in-Law suggested I perhaps update the list of prayer needs, which was a very good idea. Although we have no upcoming surgeries in the near future, there are a few things that can use prayer:

* The biggest thing that can use prayer at this time is Rachel's speech. Prayers that she would continue to progress. That she would master the sounds and techniques of the letters T, D, N, S - all which require her tongue placed on her palate at various degrees.

* For future surgeries. The next one would possibly be a 'nose job' around the age of 4-5. The next MAJOR surgery being around the age of 6-7 with a bone graft to her gumline. Prayers that the number of surgeries Rachel requires are minimal, and not near the number of ones of kids I've read about.

* For the sensitivity of other people when they come in contact with Rachel. Another thing I've read a lot about is other kids making fun of the child who's had a cleft. I can't imagine Rachel being made fun of with how awesome her lip repair looks, but in this day and age, you just never know how cruel and mean someone might be.

Because the Lord was so faithful to answer my list of requests the first time around, I'll quote the following scripture once again.

"...You have not because you ask not"
James 4:2


Kim said...

This is so incredible! I'm so glad you listed out those requests so that now we can see how specifically God worked in Rachel's health and life.

I will keep praying for her speech, her teeth and the other things on the new list. I can't wait to look back on this and see what God has done!

Beth said...

Julia's speech therapist uses a program called P.R.O.M.P.T. which uses external prompts to teach Julia where to place her tongue in order to produce certain sounds. The sounds she particularly struggles with are T, D, and N...this program has been wonderful. She has trouble with any of the sounds that she has to place her tongue in the front of her mouth.

I don't know if P.R.O.M.P.T. would benefit Rachel, but it couldn't hurt to ask her ST about it. Julia's ability to produce T, D, and N has jumped drastically since we started using it consistently.

Good luck...please know that Rachel is in our prayers. I found your blog through Kim Garner.

BR said...

Thanks for this post, Darcy, and for the comment you left on our blog--I had just been thinking about you when that came through. It's great to hear of all your answered prayers, and to see how beautiful your little Rachel is. I love her wrinkled nose when she cute.

Yes, it's chilly here at night, and we were going for an evening stroll when that photo was taken. It's still 60-75 in the day. Blessings!

Patty said...

This has been an incredible journey and we have certainly seen God's hand at every turn. As we look to the future with these prayer requests, we can have peace knowing God holds Rachel in the palm of His hand. It was amazing to see all the answered prayers all listed. I am glad you posted them.
Love, Mom