Saturday, November 06, 2004

My Prayers for Rachel

"...You have not because you ask not"
James 4:2

I have put together a list of things in which I've been praying for, and will continue to pray for in reguards to Rachel. Some of the things I'm praying for are things that won't happen until later in Rachel's journey. These are just a few, I'm sure I'll come up with more things as time goes by.

So many people have asked what and how they could specifically be praying, so I thought I would share my list here, on Rachel's web site.

* That Rachel's lip would be coming together and that once the plastic surgeon gets going on her lip repair, that he would be able to complete the repair in only one surgery, instead of two.

* Rachel would respond well to her surgeries, with each surgery her eating wouldn't be difficult or too painful.

* All of Rachel's teeth would be present once she starts teething.

* Rachel's speech would not affected and she would not require excessive speech therapy in the years to come.

* Her palate would be coming together now, even before her palate repair (around 12 months of age)

* Her gum would be coming together now, even before her gum repair (around the age of 6 or 7 years old).

* That Rachel would have minimal ear infections during her infancy and childhood. (Children with clefts are prone to increased ear infections).

Thank You to those of you who will take these prayer needs and add them to your prayer lists and for remembering Rachel in your prayers. May God Bless you.