Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Rachel!

It's hard to believe Rachel is two years old! Where has the last two years gone?

The events of that night two years ago were a whirlwind. My OB came to check me and in a matter of minutes it was determined that it was no longer safe to proceed with a natural delivery, a c-section was needed, and within 2 hours I was wheeled off to the OR. Rachel was born and we were faced with the devasting news of her undetected birth defects. The days following her birth were sorrowful ones, stressful ones, and days filled with many questions.

Here we are two years later. Rachel's lip has been fixed. Her palate repaired. And we're well on our way in Speech Therapy. She's a happy girl. She's a mischevious girl. She's a girl that's brought much joy to our lives and the lives of those around her. This coming year holds no surgeries for her, our current mission is her speech, which improves with each passing week of therapy.

To all our family and friends, thank you for your prayers for her and for all your support for us in the last two years. We are truly Blessed.


Melany aka Supermom said...

Happy belated birthday to your little girl. I never knew that her defects had gone unnoticed until birth. I always assumed that doctors would pick up on it.

Darcy said...

Nope. None of the three ultrasounds picked it up. Which in this day and age of technology is pretty sad.