Thursday, August 31, 2006

Celebrating Rachel's Birthday

We had our big party over the weekend, but to celebrate Rachel's actual birthday, her and I went to Disneyland. Unfortunately, Gramma's back has been bad the last two months, so she wasn't able to go with us, so it was just Mommy and Rachel.

We had a fun day. We stopped by City Hall to get her official "Birthday Sticker", and then went in search of Mickey Mouse, one of her favorites. We hit the character jackpot! She was so cute walking up and posing with the characters. The only one she was hesitant about was Goofy, she started to cry when she got up close to him. No wonder though, he's so tall.
Wearing her birthday sticker.
Looking like such a big girl sitting on this bench, enjoying a churro.
With Daisy Duck, a character that is seldomly out and about.
One of Rachel's first words has been 'Mickey'.
She was so excited to see him throughout the day.
We had a fun time. We're hoping to go back this weekend with Daddy and Hannah to catch a show that is coming to an end.

As for the rest of the birthday day, Gramma and Papa came by to wish the birthday girl a Happy Birthday, and following dinner, she got to play outside with Gracie. Oh, and she got to enjoy a chocolate frosted cupcake, which was a total mess!

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Diana said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! What a wonderful way to spend a Disneyland. I'm so jealous!! That picture of her eating a churro...I see so much likeness to Hannah!

Diana in NC