Friday, June 30, 2006

Pismo Vacation: Day 5 - The End

Rachel slept in again this morning until 7:30am. It's a shame you have to keep her up past 11:30pm in order for her to sleep in. LOL.

Our vacation at Pismo comes to an end today. Gramma and Papa and Uncle Robbie and Auntie all left early to avoid Friday and holiday weekend traffic. However, we milked our time and didn't check out until 11:50am, with a noon check out time!

We went to the beach one last time to explore and then came back to our room to pack up. Hannah wanted to go swimming one last time, so we ended our stay in the pool, one last time.
Rachel wasn't happy at all to be strapped into her car seat again. But it didn't take long, once on the road that she fell asleep and took almost a 2 hour nap! Once again I say...silence is golden. Even more golden when both are sleeping. LOL. We stopped at the fish hatchery again on our way home. It's the half way point and makes for a nice stop to get out and stretch and left Rachel out of her car seat. Overall, she did a lot better on the drive home than she did on the way up. Only fussed a little bit here and there. Course keeping her happy with M&M's does wonders! We arrived home and unpacked the car, gave baths, and put the girls to bed at decent bedtimes. Rachel fussed a bit, but soon she was sound asleep in her own crib.

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Melany aka Supermom said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. I hope we will manage to go soon