Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pismo Vacation: Day 4

Both girls woke up rather grumpy this morning. I think being off their normal schedules as far as meal times and bed times, not to mention all the playing in the clean crisp air is really affecting them.

Today was rather a slow start, but that's what's nice about vacations. The four of us went down to the beach and explored some tide pools that were exposed due to it being low tide. That was fun! We saw quite a few starfish and sea aneomne, as well as a lot of crabs. About mid morning, we finally found the rest of the family. Gramma and Papa were suppose to go home today, but they extended their stay as well. So we'll all be together for another day. While the maid cleaned the "Party Suite", we went to the sun deck and played cards and had lunch.

After lunch, it was nap time. Rachel really, really needed a nap. She is used to getting a nap everyday, and so far this week, her naps have been in the car while driving. It was determined that all the little girls would nap, and the mommies would go on a shopping field trip. The girls did nap, as did the daddies, and all the girls woke up in such better moods! Following naps, it was down to the beach in attempts to fly a kite. Unfortunately there wasn't enough wind. But the girls had fun, playing and chasing one another. I took a really cute picture of the girls' feet covered in sand (posted on Hannah's blog), however, Rachel's little feet aren't represented. She hates to have her hands and feet dirty for some reason. She is constantly wanting her hands washed when they get sandy. The girls all went to Gramma and Papa's room for dinner with them this evening. Gramma and Papa offered to watch the girls so we could go to a peaceful dinner. After sharing the same living quarters and sleeping in the same room as the girls for the last 4 days and 3 nights, it was sooooo much appreciated!!! (Thanks again Mom and Dad). After a long day of playing, etc, Rachel found her second wind and didn't finally turn off until after 11:30pm. I'm hoping that once we are home tomorrow, she'll slip right back into her normal bed time routine. Even we're not used to being up so late. LOL.

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