Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Speech Session # 4

Today was Rachel's fourth session of speech therapy, and let me just start off by saying how incredibly smart Rachel is. She must know that the entire purpose of going to this appointment week after week is to get her to talk, because the minute we enter into the pressence of our Speech Therapist, Rachel doesn't say a single word, mutter any jibber jabber, or make a single peep...for the entire HOUR we are with her! LOL.

We have seen improvements in her trying to express herself. And she will do the things that Adrianna has us work on. But as far as exhibiting her improvements to the professional who's helping her, she doesn't. Therefore, we now are going to try and video tape her talking so that we can prove her increasing vocalness.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Ugh...isn't that frustrating!

Abby used to do that too. They'd be testing her abilities during her eval, and it was so hard not to scream out...BUT SHE DOES IT AT HOME! LOL.

Glad to hear she's progressing so well at home anyway. :D