Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lunch and a Playdate

The girls and I went to lunch at a friends house today. Lisa has two boys ages 5 and 2, both very close in age to my girls, so they got along great!

Following lunch, Lisa found shorts and t-shirts for the girls, and together, the kids enjoyed the little pool and the hose and getting wet.

Rachel loves the water...she loves it when the sprinklers are on, she loves playing in the water when the hose is on and is leaking from the faucet. So she had a blast today!


Grace said...

She looks like she had a blast! We sure missed you guys at Grandma's on Mother's Day! McK and HB played in the sprinklers there and had a great time, but they sure missed Hannah and Rachel! Pink eye is NO fun!! When the pool warms up we will have you guys over to swim.

Darcy said...

Hannah woke up crying because she knew immeadiately that she would not be able to go to Grandma's if she was sick. She wanted sooo much to see her cousins.

Melany aka Supermom said...

It's great that you guys have summer now!! I'm missing it already :)