Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day. Some Mothers wake up to breakfast in bed. Some wake up to flowers and homemade cards. What do I wake up to?? Not one kid with gunky eyes, but BOTH girls with gunky and crusty eyes. LOL.

I got the flowers and homemade cards too. LOL. But I spent the beginning of my Mother's Day taking the girls to Urgent Care where my predetermined diagnosis of an eye infection was confirmed. Both girls were given antibiotic eye drops and are considered contagious. Thus we couldn't go to the Mother's Day BBQ at my grandmother's house this afternoon, nor were we able to spend any time with my mom for Mother's Day.

Rachel's eye actually started looking weird yesterday when we were visiting Steven's mom. The fold in her eyelid was red, and by the evening her eye was a little puffy, so it really wasn't a huge surprise to wake and find her eyes gunky. Poor little girl, she's the worst of the two. But is a real trooper and acts perfectly fine.

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