Thursday, April 20, 2006

Speech Update

Rachel started speech with the Speech Therapist with our Craniofacial Team yesterday. Her speech therapy appointments are one on one, so the therapist can really zone in on Rachel and her needs. Rachel appeared to have fun. At this age, therapy is mostly playing with toys and word repeatition. Therapy will be once a week, so I would imagine over the next couple of weeks with the continued working with her, we might see some improvement in her speech.

However, on the other hand, we received a certified letter in the mail today from the local Early Start offices. The letter stated that "the request for Early Start eligibility has been denied because Rachel is not at high risk for developmental disabability". The letter also stated that if she still does not have 2 word phrases by the time she is 2 years of age, to contact them.

So they basically determined she wasn't eligible for services by the things I told the lady on the phone last week. Me telling her that my almost 20 month old only speaks at the most 15 words wasn't considered a developemental disability?? And they want us to wait until she is 2 to contact them again?? What's the purpose of the phrase "Early Start" if they don't do anything until "later"??? Needless to say this is frustrating. I've already left two messages on voice mail looking for answers.

Nothing is ever easy. LOL.

Thankfully, the Early Start services were going to be supplemental to the therapy she's getting through our medical coverage, and not our only hope. But I still plan on trying to get the services.


Kim said...

That's pretty much what happened with Abby too. They call it Early Intervention here, and our doctor wanted her to have it but said she would never qualify because she was too borderline and they have so many really needy cases that she wouldn't be considered "high risk" enough.

Bummer, but hopefully the therapy will be all she needs.

Also, I don't know about California, but our EI program isn't all that great from what I hear. A friend of mine takes her newly adopted daughter to it and she said it is utter chaos and doesn't seem to be conducive to really helping much. I'll certainly pray for you though.

Theresa said...

that's frustrating!

Our state program is called "Sooner Start", and we've already had two consultations with both our case worker and a speech therapist. It was determined when he was 13 months old that he wasn't delayed enough to qualify for therapy, but at least they came out and evaluated him. I didn't even have to go to them! And my caseworker said she'd come out again if I (or the speech path at the clinic) felt like he needed it.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with this speech therapy thing, Darcy. I'll be praying for the doors to open where they're supposed to. Nothing can be easy, but surely it can be easier. :o)