Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Speech Update

Last month at Rachel's yearly Craniofacial Team appointment, it was determined that Rachel needed a speech evaluation and speech therapy. After having left several messages on various voice mails over the past week, the speech pathologist finally returned my call today to let us know that our insurance approved the initial evaluation and 19 sessions of therapy! I assume after 19 sessions she gets reevaluated at which point the insurance will approve for more visits. Anyways, Rachel will have her speech evaluation next Thursday, March 23. Should be interesting to see how they test her!

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Kim said...

Oh, great news! I look forward to the report.

It's always interesting to watch them evaluate these little ones. We passed on Abby's speech eval in favor of the OT (I honestly didn't think she needed ST at that time), but usually they play with least that's what it always looks like to me!

We have Abby's three-year neurodevelopmental checkup next month. I always kind of look forward to them while at the same time feel nervous. To quote Marlin from Finding Nemo, "It's a complicated emotion." LOL.