Friday, March 10, 2006

One of the Big Girls

Hannah's friend Emma came over this evening for a few hours. All Rachel did was follow those two around and want to play with the big girls. She was happy when she was placed at the same table as them for dinner! And pulled up a chair to join them when they watched a movie.


Melany said...

Sweet man. The little ones always just want to be a part of the crowd :) With the big age gap between Quintus and Zander, I wonder how that will work!

Grace said...

Emma's a cutie! I haven't seen her in long time. I am tempted to have Rebekah over for a play date with McKenzie, but I am little afraid...LOL could be chaos!! Although, they are playing together really well lately. Just wait for HB and Rachel to get a little bigger, than they can have their own table too!!