Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve at Great Grandmas

Tonight was the annual Christmas Eve gathering at Great Grandma's house, gathering for a traditional dinner followed by a gift exchange.

This year was no different, the great granddaughters/grand nieces (I can say that, there are no great grandsons/grand nephews!) made a major hauling in the toy department! Some of the things Rachel got were: a crawl through tunnel, lots of new books, Fisher Price Little People Garage, a Tinkerbell doll, a gift card to spend at Disneyland, and a pull toy dog!! Rachel was feeling a little under the weather this evening. She didn't want to eat at dinner, which is very unlike her. And was kinda whiney and clingy. She started to perk up just as we were saying out 'Thank Yous' and 'Goodbyes'. Hopefully she'll be more perkier tomorrow after a good night's sleep!


Melany said...

Love the pics. I hope she is feeling much better now

Kim said...

The Tinkerbell doll is adorable!