Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started off here at home with stockings and opening presents. The girls get three gifts from us, because that's how many gifts Jesus got on his birthday. However, when presents arrive from out-of-town family, there's usually a couple more for the girls to unwrap. Here's Rachel unwrapping her present from Hannah, a Jo Jo's Circus doll: Poor Rachel started off doing fine, and kinda went downhill from there. She obviously didn't feel well. She was up for a short time before going back down for a nap. The remainder of the day she was whiney and clingy. I think in addition to having a cold, she might be cutting another tooth. After a nap in her own crib, we headed over to Gramma and Papa's house to join Uncle Robbie, Auntie, McKenzie, Haylee, and Uncle Bart. Rachel was more interested in what everyone else was unwrapping than her own pile. But eventually we got her to stand still and open her gifts! She loves her new doll! The cousins have seen quite a bit of each other the last couple of weeks and they always have so much fun and get so silly! We actually got them to sit still for a few brief moments for a picture in front of Gramma and Papa's tree. Now that we're home, it's a major job to find homes for all the new toys!

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