Sunday, November 13, 2005

Recovery Day 7

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be a week since Rachel's surgery...time flies when you're having fun huh?? LOL.

Last night was the first night since surgery that Rachel didn't wake up in the night. She slept her normal night from 8-6, still in her car seat all strapped in. She seems to not mind sleeping in her car seat.

I've been reading the cleft message board to see how other babies did post palate repair. And after reading several of the posts, I do believe Rachel is having a drinking strike. She really wants nothing to do with her bottle or any liquid that is in it. We can't use her sippy cup, so this morning I've been using the dropper method with a straw, giving her watered down White Grape Juice. She seems to like it , and so far it looks like she's taken about an ounce and a half. This whole not taking in enough liquids is so frustrating to me because I know how quickly babies can dehydrate. I'm trying my hardest all day long to get her to drink. I've done the usual milk in her bottle, last night Steven even made it chocolate milk, chicken and beef broth, and water. I think she's just plain tired of being given the bottle. Prior to surgery she was down to only 2 bottles a day and the rest was all food. She's our little eater. I'm glad we see the plastic surgeon in 2 days. He'll be able to tell us how things are healing and maybe give us the okay to use her sippy cup.

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Melany said...

She really seems to be recovering well. I hope he gives you the okay to give her sippy cup back!