Friday, September 02, 2005

Another Trip to our Happy Place

The girls and I made another trip to our 'Happy Place' tonight. We met up with our friend Caroyln and her two kids.

This picture is of Rachel on the Casey Jr Train Ride. We were in the Monkey appropriate. LOL. Rachel loved it!
After a couple of hours of Princess Hunting and avoiding long lines at Disneyland, we headed over to California Adventure, where we had decided we wanted to stake out a place for The Electrical Parade. Rachel had never seen it. And boy was she ever facinated by it. The parade kept her attention the entire time...she stood and clapped, she sat and bounced, she loved it.
While this picture doesn't really capture her enjoying the parade, she was intensely concentrating on what was coming next. LOL.


Anonymous said...

We sure had fun. I see your mom in her in this picture!

Melany said...

So glad you guys enjoyed!!

Diana said...

She sure looks alot like her Mommy in this picture.

Anonymous said...

How she has changed and grown......... what a beautiful littl girl..................
with love '