Wednesday, September 07, 2005

12 Month Well Baby Check

Rachel saw Dr Berry this morning for her 12 month check up. She weighs 23lbs 6oz, dropping to the 75th percentile for her weight. And is 28 1/2 inches long, still in the 25th percentile. In other words....she's still short and chubby. :)

Dr Berry sent Rachel for hip xrays. Upon examination, he wasn't sure if one of her hip sockets wasn't developing correctly. After having the xrays done, and being read by the radiologist, I hand carried them back to Dr Berry. Not being able to wait to hear the report from the doctor, I looked at the report and discovered the xrays were normal. Thank the Lord! Dr Berry wants the orthopedist to look over her xrays and give the final okay. So I'll call tomorrow for that final report.

Other than that, Rachel checks out just fine and is on schedule for development!

The other thing is when the nurse had Rachel laying down measuring her, and Rachel was crying, I was able to see that she's finally had her two bottom teeth finally break through the gums! Pretty soon, her little smile is going to look so different!!

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Melany said...

Glad she is doing well and congrats on the new teeth!