Monday, August 22, 2005

Splish Splash We're Having a Bash!

Splish Spash

We're having a Bash!!

Rachel is turning ONE!

If you're feeling lucky,

grab your rubber ducky,

and come have some fun!

I can hardly believe it, but this coming Saturday is Rachel's 1st birthday party!! Her actual birthday is on the 31st, in the middle of next week, but we're celebrating a few days early.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to plan and theme parties, and do them up rather nicely. That won't change for Rachel's 1st birthday party. While in the past, we've included friends in the invites, this party is just family. There will only be 2 kids here, compared to an upwards of 12 kids at prior parties.

Obviously, from the invitations, you can see I'm doing a Rubber Ducky theme. I made the invitations to match the paper goods I found online. The family will be coming late in the afternoon and dinner will be served. And the party will be finished off with cake and ice cream!


Kim said...

Wish we could come (sniff). Cute invitations.

Darcy said...

Thanks :) I sure wish you guys were closer to be able to come as well!

Right now we're waiting to see what the PS says at tomorrow's appointment. If he has surgery time for Friday, we'll do it and reschedule the party.