Friday, August 19, 2005

A Girls Night Out...

to The Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Steven has been busy working on some church projects in the evenings, so the girls and I went to Disneyland late this afternoon and stayed into the night.

We had a great time! We sat and waited for the new parade Block Party Bash at California Adventure and then headed over to Disneyland for dinner, rides, and some birthday shopping for Rachel on behalf of Gramma and Papa!

Rachel sure enjoyed the evening. She didn't fuss but when it was time to eat. I think she enjoyed all the lights and people. Perhaps her mother's love for going to Disneyland has been passed on to daughter #2!! LOL

This picture was taken by Hannah. We're sitting along the parade route, waiting for Block Party Bash to start! While it's a cute picture of how excited Rachel was, I do wish my eyes were open a little wider! LOL.


Kim said...

What a cute picture. She sure is a character! Hannah is becoming a great photographer too.

Jackie said...

This is a great shot of the two of you! I dropped in to see if you'd gotten a surgery date yet, but I see you're still waiting. I hope the surgeon gets his license soon. I know the waiting is hard. Rachel is such a cutie - oh those eyes!!!


Melany said...

How I wish I lived near enough to Disneyland to just pop over for the afternoon :) Glad you had a good time