Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orthodontist Consult

Children born with clefts usually require lots of orthodontia, which for Rachel, is the next leg of her journey. 

Rachel has a permanent tooth that is crooked, and we really just needed some direction for the future. So I made an appointment recently to see an orthodontist known in our area for her expertise in treating kids with clefts. 

After some X-rays, and a peek inside, the Orthodontist sat down with me and showed me Rachel's xray and penciled in what teeth she has in, waiting to come in, ones to watch, etc.

After much discussion we found it best to continue to watch a couple of teeth, and wait until she's a few years older before braces.

A set of braces prior to the next BIG surgery, which is a jaw realignment, are very important. That set of braces will straighten out all the teeth and align everything perfectly in anticipation for surgery.

Dr Garcia was a huge help, and told us not only can we check back in every summer (once a year consults are free) or as our regular dentist takes X-rays, I'm welcome to bring them in for her review so we can be ready when the time comes!

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