Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rachel's Journey Through Pictures: Updated

Three years ago I put together a slide show of Rachel's journey up until that point.

With the most recent hurdle of this journey now behind us, it was time to add pictures to the slideshow...

God is Good, isn't He???


Kari Marchelli said...

I loved watching this slide show! It's a great reminder of the awesome results of these surgeries and gives me hope for awesome results as well! Awesome post Darcy!

Moorcroft said...

Just found your blog. Thank you for all the information-I plan to read more when I have some time. We adopted our daughter last year from China, she had a bilateral cleft (repaired in China) and an alveolar cleft for which she'll need surgery when she's older. She'll need a lip and nose revision too. Our only issue right now is speech. Your daughter looks great and how awesome that her speech is getting better too.