Monday, December 27, 2010

A Pool Party...In December???

The week before Thanksgiving found our Pastor and his wife waking up in the middle of the night to a house flooded by an overflowing toilet. Their house has been packed up and put into storage, the drywall has been cut three feet up the walls, and the flooring all ripped out. And they've been living in a hotel for the last six weeks.

We now sometimes call the boys Zack and Cody and how they're all living the "Suite Life".

As tragic as it all is, living in a hotel for six weeks thus far, and really no end date in sight, does have some advantages!

Today was their youngest sons' birthday. He's Rachel's pal at church and at school. And this year, for his birthday party, they had a pool party because the pool was an indoor pool and was heated!! The kids had a blast!!! After swimming Rachel wanted to see where Isaiah's been living and together we boarded the elevator and went to see his Suite. One things for sure, this birthday party will be a memory for years to come. Rachel and Hannah both had a blast swimming in an indoor pool...just two days after Christmas!

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Leslye Roman said...

Mark and I had the same thing happen to us in Las Vegas! Even though it was a pain through the process of having the house literally down to studs, it was a blessing in disguise because we got new carpet and tile and new paint. Praying everything goes as smoothly for them as it did for us and nothing irreplaceable was damaged.