Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eye Exam

For the last few weeks, we've wondered if Rachel might need her eyes checked. We weren't sure if it was her having trouble seeing, or just the adjustments of still learning to read.

This morning, Rachel, Hannah, and Steven, all got their eyes checked. I went last April, so it was everyone else's turn, and for the girls', it was their first time to have their eyes checked outside of the simple screenings they do at school and at their Pediatrician's office.Rachel cooperated very well for the exam, and turns out she's a little far sighted. And to make a long conversation with the doctor short, Rachel will be given a very mild prescription for glasses to wear during her homework and reading here at home, and if she says she can see better when reading, then perhaps she'll then take the glasses to school for reading there as well.

She was pretty excited about getting glasses. And she sure looked cute trying on the different frames. It didn't take long and we settled on a frame and then the technician went to work on measuring and mapping out where her pupils land with the glasses on, etc. And here is how Rachel will look in her new glasses once they've been fitted with her prescription.Good thing we got her nose fixed last month! She's always had trouble keeping sunglasses on her face because of the shape of her nose, and now the glasses will fit just perfectly!


Kim said...

I hope they help her. She looks cute in them!

It's interesting that Ryan's opthalmologist (the one who did his eye surgeries) told us all children are a little bit farsighted and usually grow out of it by middle school. We were supposed to go back in last month for a checkup...but no insurance or money for that. :(

Darcy said...

Our eye doctor said it was very mild, but that her eyes were also struggling looking at things off to the side and then come back to focus to the things in front of her, or something like that???

Thus she ordered a minor prescription.

This was the first time we used our vision insurance on the girls.