Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rachel's Journey Awarded Top Cleft Blog!!

As I was checking in on Miss Emily, the very first blog I found that told the story of a baby born with a cleft lip, one of the recent posts that her Mom, Jackie, had written was about how Cleft Stories had been named a Top Cleft Lip Blog and gave a link to the list of other winners and Rachel's Journey was one of them!!!
Top Cleft Lip Blog
My goal in keeping this blog has always been to be a source of information for other families out there that have a cleft affected child in their life. When I first came across Jackie's blog, and the early days of Emily, it was a great source of comfort to know we weren't the only ones walking this path and it helped to have an idea of the things that lay ahead for Rachel. I've always wanted to be that for other people who found themselves wearing the same shoes, that of a parent of a baby who had been born with a cleft.

I am honored to have received this award! Thank You!


Kim said...

Congratulations! What a neat award. :)

Kari Marchelli said...

thats o great. you have a wnderful blog and it has been so helpful for me

frgdanc said...

YAY! That is awesome Darcy...and Miss. Rachel! We know that your blog has done, and will continue to do exactly what you wanted!