Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perfect Attendance Assembly

Last Spring, our school started a new thing to promote good attendance. At the end of each trimester, the kids who've had perfect attendance that trimester are recognized at an assembly, where they get a certificate, and are entered into a raffle for the chance of gift cards or even a brand new bike for the lower primary grades. Last March, Rachel won the grand prize for Kindergarten and won a bike! It was the first trimester we'd started this promotion!

This morning we held our perfect attendance assembly for the first trimester of the school year. Both our girls were participants!

The time came for the drawing for the 1st grade bike, and low and behold, whose name did they call??? Rachel's!!! Rachel won another bike!!! The bike she won last Spring is still hanging up in the garage because it's too big for her. The bike she won is smaller than what she has now, so I knew I would have to try and return it.A lot of the teachers and even the school principal made comments to me while I wheeled the bike out to the car... "How many bikes does Rachel need??!?" or "You going to open up a bike store??" LOL. It was pretty funny that she won another bike.

After school, we went to Walmart to see about returning it for store credit and they obliged! We got a store credit for $65.00!! So it was off to the electronics department we went where Rachel picked out two new DSi games and even a cute outfit in the girls department on the way out! She was very happy with her purchases and very proud of her accomplishment of perfect attendance!


Kari Marchelli said...

Good for her! That's funny that she won another bike but $65 goes a long way at Walmart!

Joy Howse said...

WTG Rachel!! The bike she is posing with is the same one Lexi has. :) Our school gives out bikes for perfect attendance for the year, but only one girl and one boy for the entire school.