Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In A Room...Finally

After nearly four hours in recovery, waiting for a bed on one of the units, Rachel was finally moved to a room just before 7:00 this evening. She's in a regular bed, and has already been up and walking to the restroom.

Once settled, Uncle Robbie and Auntie were able to come up and say "Hi". Gramma and Papa were the next to come up and visit. They had a present for Rachel, a Pediatrician Barbie Doll. Unfortunately, Hannah is too young to come up on the patient floor, but thanks to modern technology, she was able to video chat with Rachel with the help of our laptop and Gramma's iPod Touch!! Rachel also got to see her cousins that way as well. A friend of the family is a Pediatric nurse here at Loma Linda and she was a huge help this evening in many ways. Rachel had been frustrated that she had to stay in her hospital gown and not change into her new jammies that friends had brought her last night. Wanda stopped her IV, took off the pulse ox, and got her changed into her jammie top and underwear. That made Rachel happy.Wanda also made Steven and I dinner - chicken noodle soup! She made it from scratch and brought it work and warmed it up for us and served it to us in Rachel's room. We were both pretty starving by then and the soup tasted so good! She also made us homemade brownies. It was so appreciated and tasted better than any fast food that we'd have gotten.

After a visit to the restroom and some pain meds, Rachel has fallen back asleep and appears to maybe be out for the night.
The stents in Rachel's nose must stay in for the next week. She hates them and continually is asking to have them out. Right now, in addition to her sore hip (from where they took the tissue for her gum), the nasal stents appear to be the main source of discomfort for her.

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