Friday, August 13, 2010

Off to a Great Start

Today marks the second full week that the girls have been back in school and so far, we are off to a GREAT start.

Rachel is loving being in 1st grade. She loves staying all day, loves staying for lunch, loves her teacher (and so do I...I wrote about her on my blog), and is adjusting well.

Today, she came home with her green folder of graded papers and she's doing VERY well academically. It's kinda weird to see graded papers coming home with percentages instead of 'stars' and 'happy faces'. LOL.

Rachel continues to get up every morning in good spirits and most mornings, if her clothes are laid out the night before, is dressed and has her bed made without having to be told. She's motivated to get to school and get learning. Going every day, all day, she is definitely not giving us any complaints when told it's bedtime!

I'm still trying to figure out how much to pack in her lunch. I'm finding that she's only eating half of her sandwich and that's it. I talked to a friend who's a Noon Duty and she said for the first month or two of 1st grade, the kids are so excited about hurrying up and getting out on the big playground that they don't have time to each all the food their Mom's pack. LOL. Makes sense. But the girl comes home HUNGRY! I tried explaining to her this week that if she wants to continue getting 100% on her Math, then she needs to feed her brain, and you do that by eating your lunch.

It's amazing to think we've already been back two weeks already, but I'm happy to report we're adjusting well, and Rachel's 1st grade year is off to a great start.

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Kari Marchelli said...

It's amazing how fast kids grow! And its good that she likes school. I use to pretend "sick" a lot because I hated my teacher lol.