Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camping at the Beach

We went camping last week, the longest we've ever camped, six nights! We had such a great time with our church family. Rachel had a blast and as always, asks when we're going camping again! Here are some highlights from her week:
Sand in her sandwiches. LOL.
Playing all day, into the evenings, with one of her best buds, Isaiah.
Climbing trees and being told to get down...only to find another.
Playing hard every day, all day, and passing out in the chair around the fire at night.
A surprise midweek visit from the cousins.
Playing Dominoes and Go Fish.
This girl loved playing in the sand. Everyday she played in the sand, either digging, being buried, or sitting in holes the kids had dug and then filled with water. Thankfully, one of our friends who had a shower and hook ups, let me shower her in her trailer everyday. There's no other way I'd have been able to get the sand out of every crevice of her body. LOL.

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Kelly Rogers said...

Looks like the kids had a blast. I love the one of Rachel buried in the sand, her facial expression is priceless!