Friday, February 26, 2010

Will Work For...LEGOS!

We went to the Lego Store at Downtown Disney last night following a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. The girls have been intensely playing with Legos the last month and a half and they are ready for some new ones. The store was overwhelming and exciting. Oh to be a parent with lots and lots of money. LOL.

I struck a deal with the girls so they could earn Legos. They pull weeds in the side yard for a set amount of time, and I'd buy them Legos. Hannah is old enough to understand and I was sure she'd keep up her end of the bargain, Rachel, on the other hand, only being five years old, I wasn't so sure how this deal was going to work out. LOL.

But it worked out in both our favor. She tackled some weeds I wanted pulled for an hour and she got her Lego set!With all the rain we've had in recent months, the ground was perfect for pulling weeds and getting the roots, etc. Rachel came home from school, set up her iPod and speakers, and we set the timer and she went to town...for an hour! There were a few times she asked how much longer, but she is only five. She did a great job and she was so proud of herself when her time was up and she had that new box of Legos in hand.Now we'll have to see if I can get her to do it again! :)

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Joy Howse said...

Very cute!! If only a set like that would work for Andrew these days. He is into the mega sets that seem to cost a small fortune. I did pay him .05 for each nail/construction debris he found in our yard when we first moved in. He found TONS and we ended up paying him almost $10. He of course saved it all and put it towards a Lego set. It is either Legos or DS these days, but at least they learn the value of working for what they get.