Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Tour of Papa's Work

It's been just over two years since my Dad's company relocated to a bigger, much nicer facility. When it first opened, they held an Open House for the families of all the employees to come and tour. He works for a major grocery chain here in Southern California and it was fun to see the behind the scenes of the company.

At that time, it was just the corporate offices that were completely finished and operational. The grocery warehouse had yet to be stocked, and the frozen/cold food warehouses were yet to be built, the same for the bakery and meat warehouse. But in the last several months, everything is finally done, stocked, and operating, which meant it was time for another tour!

With a Daddy that works from home, as well Uncle Robbie who also works from home, it's sometimes hard for Rachel to full understand that when we go to Papa and Gramma's house during the day and Papa isn't home, he's at work. This tour hopefully helped her understand what "going to work" actually means, at least for Papa.

The grounds and locations of the warehouses are so spread out, that the company rents trams to help move everybody from the various destinations available for touring. The frozen and cold food warehouse wasn't complete at the time of the last tour, it was this time and boy was it COLD inside. Here, Rachel and Gramma try to keep warm with snuggling.The corporate offices were once again open for touring, so we visited a few destinations that were not open to the public at last tour, and then a couple other areas. We visited Papa's desk and the room where they train the grocery checkers. Both those stops on our tour were fun!Last Spring, at Rachel's preschool, Papa arranged for an awesome field trip to one of the grocery stores. I wrote a long, detailed blog post complete with pictures about the field trip and Papa showed the pictures to someone and my blog post got printed out and put inside a display case! That was pretty cool!!! And Rachel enjoyed seeing her blog as well!There were a few roaming product representatives about the grounds. We saw Tony the Tiger representing Frosted Flakes, we saw Lucky the Leprachaun for Lucky Charms, there were the Campbell Soup kids, and most importantly, there was the red M&M!!! Which is Rachel's most favorite candy!! She got her picture taken with the yellow M&M last time.It was a fun tour, complete with lunch and balloons! Thanks for the tour Stater Bros!

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