Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Field Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm

Today, three of the five Kindergarten classes at our school went on a field trip to a local popular Christmas Tree Farm. (It's also the Pumpkin Patch during the Fall months.) Sixty kids, a dozen or so parents, and three teachers all managed to get on one school bus. We were supposed to go last Friday, but due to a rain storm, the trip had to be rescheduled to today.

It was the first field trip of the school year, maybe the only one. It was the first time Rachel had ever been on a school bus and it's something she'd been desiring to do since the first day of school.

Lining up to get on the bus.
Sitting in the VERY back of the bus. Family friend, Isaiah sat behind us.
We arrived to the tree farm just in time to hop on some flat beds to be pulled by a tractor around the property for a tour. We saw the fields used for pumpkins in the Fall, and some Christmas trees, and some animals along the way. After our tractor ride, we went to an outdoor amphitheater and learned the anatomy of a conifer tree. Surprisingly, the kids all sat well for the most part and listened.After the 'learning part' the kids all got to go into one of the smaller petting zoos, which they all loved. There were bunnies, chickens (in a caged area), a large turtle, and goats! The kids had fun chasing the animals about. But it was soon time to line up and head back to the bus and then back to school. Thankfully on the ride home our class was the last to board and we were able to sit up front for the ride home. Again, the kids all loved riding on the bus. The tree farm sent home a seedling tree for each student, as well as a little coloring book and box of crayons. The kids all loved their little Christmas trees. It was a fun field trip and I'm so glad to have been able to have gone. I went with Hannah's class when she was in Kindergarten and Rachel was just a baby who stayed home with Gramma. So it was fun to get to go with Rachel's class!


Joy Howse said...

Glad it wasn't cancelled altogether. Bus rides for kid are such a highlight, not so much for me. Love the last pic of Rachel.... so adorable!

Kelly Rogers said...

Looks like a fun trip! It's so nice that you can go on the field trips with the girls. And the new hair cut looks great!