Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Rachel was very excited for this Christmas. She's at the age where she understands the holiday and traditions and can't wait to experience it all.

Christmas Eve was started off right by attending church together as a family. Rachel and Hannah both sang at our Christmas Eve service and did an excellent job. Both girls could hardly manage to sit still during the service for they knew that Great Grandma's house was where we were headed after church.We arrived at Great Grandma's house in the middle of dinner, and once again the girls were forced to wait patiently. But at least they were with their cousins now, and soon, the family of 21 people would cram into Grandma's tiny little living room to open presents. Rachel was most pleased with her presents, a lot from her Toys R Us list she made a few weeks back, including Star Wars Galactic Hereo's and a Pogo Stick!!! Christmas morning, for some reason, Rachel chose to sleep in. She's not normally our sleep in kid, so it was surprising that she slept so late and we finally woke her up at 7:30. Christmas morning she found a doll crib put together in front of the tree. She was very happy with that and carted (it's on wheels) it back and forth from her room to the family room all day long.She also got a DSi. She's always playing with Hannah's old Game Boy and Leapster and we really felt it was time for her to get something new, and not a hand me down electronic toy. She absolutely loved it! The girls got DSi's and then accessory packs with a game as well. Christmas proved to the be the year of DSI's as three of the four girls got them, and McKenzie got hers a few weeks ago for her birthday. Once all the presents had been opened, the girls disappeared into the rooms and we really didn't see much of them all day long, they were too busy chatting with each other and playing games. The day after Christmas we braved the crowds and made some returns and let the girls spend some gift cards. Rachel still has a gift card to spend at the Disney Store, or at Disneyland. But Christmas is officially over and all the new toys and presents have found homes and Rachel did her part in helping write Thank You Notes this year!

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