Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Rachel Funny

It was the week before Halloween and I was working in Rachel's class, sitting at the table in the back, busily putting homework folders together, hearing the kids hum and sing Christmas songs. I smiled to myself thinking how funny it was that we were a week before Halloween and here these kids have Christmas songs on their lips.

And then, all of a sudden I heard one of Rachel's classmates exclaim "He is too real!!!!"

A wave of panic struck me as I looked up and saw Rachel standing there and her saying "Mommy, tell him that Santa Claus is not real!!!"

I motioned for Rachel to come over and I whispered in her ear that we were supposed to remember that while we don't believe Santa Claus is real, a lot of kids do and we're not spoil their fun.

She then turned and as she walked away she got in the last word with "Well, he's not real at our house!!!" and back to her work she went. LOL.

This incident came to mind today as we were waiting to see Santa Claus at Disneyland.

To my children, seeing Santa Claus is just part of the holidays and is nothing more than a man dressed up, just like those of the characters at Disneyland. So of course Rachel wanted to see him. And as I stood here, watching Rachel tell this man that she was hoping to get a brown horsey (huh? where'd that come from??) for Christmas, a streak of panic set in and I wondered if she would tell this man he wasn't real and that it was Mommy and Daddy who brought the presents on Christmas and that Christmas wasn't about him. When in fact it's Jesus' birthday.

Not that I wouldn't have been proud of her for preaching the truth, but whoa, that would have been really awkward! LOL

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