Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Fun Week

This last week was our final week of our summer break, so we made the most of the week and tried to do something every day.

On Monday, the girls played at a friends house while I had a dental appointment. We then ate lunch together and had planned on going roller skating, but the rink was closed. That's okay though, we went and got our swim suits and towels and headed back to their place for an afternoon of swimming. Not a single person from their complex was in the pool! We had the entire pool to ourselves in the 106 degree day! It was awesome!

On Tuesday afternoon, we met Uncle Bart at Disneyland and stayed into the evening. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with Uncle Bart. The parks weren't terribly overcrowded and we managed to do a lot of fun things. We stayed into the evening and watched The Electrical Parade which brought back some of the original floats that had been missing the last seven years since coming back to the Disneyland Resort. It was definitely a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon/evening!
Singing Karaoke and having a great time!
Midday Wednesday, we met the same friends at the house of another friends with a pool and went swimming most of the afternoon again. The pool was refreshing and the jacuzzi was great! That evening, we went to the local park where Uncle Robbie and his band were playing. The girls were excited to play and see their cousins. It was a nice evening of music and it cooled off enough and was enjoyable to be outside. On Thursday, the girls each had regular dental check ups. And then we went roller skating again. Ever since we went last week with Auntie and McKenzie and Haylee, Rachel has been asking to go again. She loved it THAT much. So today we went to the skating rink that I grew up going to. They refused to tighten Rachel's skates like the rink did last week, so Rachel was a little more wobbly than last week, but that didn't stop her....she just kept going round and round the rink. Gramma came by and watched for a while too and was impressed at how well Rachel was doing. Perhaps a future roller derby queen in the family!?!? LOL. Yesterday, was a kick back day. Hannah spent the day with Gramma, and Rachel had Mommy all to herself. We didn't do much, or anything too exciting, but I think she enjoyed having the break from Hannah and vice versa.

It's definitely been a full and fun week. Come Tuesday, things will be a little different around here...Rachel will be going to school everyday of the week!

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Kelly Rogers said...

Wow, it seems like you had a busy and fun-filled week. Rachel must be back at school by now. I hope she's enjoying her new class so far!