Monday, August 31, 2009

The BIG Day

Rachel's birthday morning found presents from Mommy and Daddy, and Hannah, and out of state family to be opened. Surprisingly she started off with the gift bag of clothes and jammies and much to my surprise she wasn't as disappointed as I thought she would be with such a gift! LOL.After presents, it was off to school! We baked cupcakes in ice cream cones to enjoy during recess and they were a hit! When Rachel taste tested one the other day when I made them, she wasn't crazy about them, but she humored me and and at least enjoyed the frosting. She was the Star of the Day in her class and got a special sticker to wear and a pencil and of course lots of 'happy birthday' wishes from her classmates!As soon as school was out, we hit the road for Disneyland. This years promotion is getting into Disneyland on your birthday free, but when you're an annual passholder there are alternatives for you. One alternative is a "Fun Card" in the amount of what a day ticket would cost. That Fun Card can be spent in the stores on merchandise and Rachel's list of 'wants' have been growing in anticipation of getting this card for months! LOL. So off we went!"It's my birthday and I'd like the Fun Card and a birthday button, please."

As you enter the turnstiles into the park, and your annual pass is scanned, your name and picture shows up on the computer screen. And in Rachel's case, today it popped up that it was her birthday. Not only did the Cast Member wish Rachel a happy birthday, but she had Rachel and I both get behind her computer screen and took this picture. It's nice to see there are still some Cast Members going out of their way to make ones visit special!It was Rachel's day, we did what Rachel wanted. Providing she obliged and made Mommy happy with the proper picture opportunities for this special day. We rode the little old firetruck down Main Street whereas she got to ring the bell off and on alerting people in the street that we were coming, we watched the Mary Poppins street show and she got called up to participate, we ran into Mickey and Goofy who were causing quite the ruckus on Main Street, we celebrated the day with a special cupcake, and of course did some shopping with her Fun Card.
She looks so big standing there!
Sporting new ears that she made and purchased with her Fun Card.

The crowds weren't too bad. But it was extremely hot. So we planned our activities so that we could be on the tram and on the freeway home before the evening traffic. We had a great few hours at The Happiest Place on Earth and Rachel's birthday afternoon was made special!


Kim said...

Sounds fun! But you didn't tell us what she bought with her Fun Card. Enquiring Readers want to know. :)

Darcy said...

Rachel 'Made her own ears', thus the picture of her with new mouse ears, and she bought a mini Tinkerbell Snow Globe (Tink her favorite Character). She still has $29 left on her card for next time.

Joy Howse said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate her big day. :)

Krissy said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! I still think it is so cool that you get to visit Disney so often!!

Kelly Rogers said...

Looks like so much fun! The pictures are so cute! I haven't been to Disneyland in years. We can't wait to bring Gavin!