Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roller Skating for the First Time

My sister-in-law, Grace, invited me and the girls to go with her and the girls roller skating today as she had free admissions to one of the local skating rink. Roller skates and I have a history of not getting along (I broke my collar bone when I was in Jr High), so I opted to stay on solid ground in my tennis shoes while the other five of them dawned roller skates. Look at Grace in this picture, she's laughing so hard and struggling to stay up right. She did a couple slow laps around the rink and then sidelined it in fear of falling on her rump and breaking her tailbone. Rachel wasn't too sure once her skates were all laced up. But once her wheels got tightened up a bit, she was off and skating on her own. She even got tired of waiting for Auntie and passed her up at least once, if not twice? She absolutely LOVED it and was the last one of the five of them to take off her skates. She just kept going round and round and round the rink. When she got behind someone who was hugging the wall, she passed them up. Grace and I just sat there laughing and in awe of how great she took to it first time out. It's most definitely something we'll do again!!

P.S. Would you believe our four girls, besides one other little, little girl were the only ones wearing helmets? Gramma would be proud! :)

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Patty said...

I am proud..a family with one head injury is enough. All it takes is one fall. Ok, I won't go on soap box....Good job, Rachel!