Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prayers for Gavin

Gavin is having his lip repair Monday morning.

Please be praying that all goes well and for the Lord to guide Dr Martin's hands and all the nurses and residents whom will care and have contact with Gavin in the course of the next day or two.

Please also be praying for his Mommy, Kelly, and his Daddy, Matt. Those of us who've sent our babes off to surgery know how hard surgery day is for the parents!


Joy Howse said...

I was just formulating my post for Gavin when I noticed your post. Such a cutie. In both our prayers tomorrow. :)

Shannon said...

too lazy to sign out of my gmail and into the blogger account...but wanted to check in and see if you have heard anything about Gavin. Haven't seen or heard an update and wanted to check in on him.