Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Week of Easter Festivities

I know, Easter is well over a week away, so why the earliness of the Easter Festivities? Because the preschool is on Spring Break next week!

The official festivities began on Tuesday when they hunted for eggs on the front lawn of the preschool/church. They were allowed to collect four eggs. Within minutes Rachel had her basket full and needed to actually put some back. LOL. Gave me a good idea as to who'll attempt to get all the eggs on Easter when we hunt for eggs with their cousins. LOL. Today concluded the festivities at school. They had an Easter party, followed by an Easter parade where they wore their giant egg and chick posters and sang songs about Peter Cottontail and the bunny's fuzzy tail and other bunny songs. Gramma came to see her youngest granddaughters parade about, and Papa has been on vacation this week and he came too! Sadly, this parade today marked the very last preschool parade for our family. In the Fall, both Rachel and Haylee will be starting Kindergarten, at schools at opposite ends of the city! Here are our little chicks.

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