Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The First of Many

Today, Rachel had the first of many, many years of dental procedures.

At last month's check up and cleaning, it was discovered that she had four tiny cavities that needed filling. We were going to break it up over two appointments, but the dentist was able to knock them all out in one appointment! Which not only was an answer to prayer, but it saved us about $70, as the insurance doesn't cover the nitrous gas and we won't have to come back for another appointment and another round of nitrous gas.Overall, Rachel did great! She sat so still while Dr. Hoffer got all the 'bugs' out of her teeth. Rachel did cry as we were walking out to the car. But I think it was because she was extremely numb and the sensation was new to her. A trip to the Dollar Tree for an additional prize and a stop at McDonald's for an ice cream and Sprite helped in the recovery though. If anyone is looking for an awesome Pediatric dentist, I have one and will highly recommend her!! Thank you all the for the prayers for Rachel this morning!


John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Great job Rachel! You are such a brave little girl!

Joy Howse said...

Glad to hear the happy update. Alexis' went great as well, and they were able to get all the sugar bugs out of her teeth as well. She had a sleepy tongue and cheek for two hours so we stuck with some warm soup for lunch with the promise of McD another day. Have a blessed night.